Heart Beat Takeaway

by Moodcut

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respatialized Murky beats and enveloping pads evoking petrichor and ash. Favorite track: Under Rocks & Tangerines.
Bongani Zulu
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Bongani Zulu As dusty as Tutankhamen's tomb.

Moodcut really does know his formula well. He merges deep house with the lo-fi ambience and textures so well, borderline Terekke territory. But he does it in the Moodcut way.

All tracks have a purpose and are dancefloor ready, from the peaceful swells and piercing heartbeat of Breathe Easy to the pigeon-walking house of Trampling Between Cats. Favorite track: Trampling Between Cats.
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tR6yS. Amazing dusty lo-fi record.
Dope artwork and amazing tunes.
Breathe Easy is a very smoky ambient piece with some little bass hits. The other tunes are dope as well highly recommended for people who are into Huerco S. and Terekke. Favorite track: Breathe Easy.


Moodcut joins the Mörk clan with a long-awaited followup to his stunning debut on Nous, this time treading even deeper murkier water with the shrouded atmospheres of Heart Beat Takeaway.

Dust-soaked and fizzing with effervescent residue, these five tracks swerve and dive between subtle synth texturisations and deep-sleeping sullen house. The boundaries between ambient and house often merging in the depths of the warm, throbbing, analogue fuzz.

Layered with endless murk and imagination-baiting track titles, this is one for the lonely night bus and a dredging companion for long walks on monochrome, barely-lit city streets.


released September 18, 2015

Produced and arranged by Moodcut
Mastered at D&M
Photography by J


all rights reserved